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Aiven for Apache Kafka® MirrorMaker 2

Managed Apache Kafka® MirrorMaker 2 ensures data continuity by enabling robust, flexible and scalable replication pipelines. Learn more about why you'd want to use MirrorMaker 2 and launch your first cluster today!

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Aiven for Apache Kafka MirrorMaker 2 Key Features

Our managed MirrorMaker 2 clusters are full of features that allow you to confidently integrate replication workflows into your production environments.

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Why Apache Kafka MirrorMaker 2?

  • Disaster recovery

    Disaster recovery

    Gain peace of mind by replicating your data between Kafka clusters, thereby increasing its durability through reducing cluster- and location-specific fault risks.

  • Geo proximity

    Geo proximity

    Reduce the latency of your distributed applications by mirroring data from your primary workload clusters to auxiliary clusters close to your clients.

  • Data isolation

    Data isolation

    Ensure that you remain compliant with your legal and regulatory data governance requirements by isolating some data sets to a separate cluster.

  • Workload separation

    Workload separation

    Focus your Apache Kafka clusters on specific workloads, such as analytics, and increase their performance instead of thinly spreading resources.

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"At Comcast, we needed a robust managed Kafka solution for some of our most critical workflows. Based on our evaluation, Aiven clearly offers superior cost, support and performance."

Adam Hertz | VP of Engineering

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