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Aiven for Apache Kafka Connect

Kafka Connect is what allows Apache Kafka to sit at the heart of modern, highly-performant data pipelines. In the past, you had to run them on the same cluster, posing its own problems. So we took care of that.

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What makes Aiven stand out

  • Shield Check

    Committed to security

    We make security a priority for all our products. Check out some of our most important features.

    • Dedicated virtual machines

    • TLS encryption

    • VPC peering on GCP, AWS, and Microsoft Azure

  • Comments

    We’ve got your back

    We have a number of support options to suit all needs. See what our customers have to say.

    “...friendly and supportive team at Aiven helping us to get going."

    Karsten G., Staff Engineer

    Wowza Media Systems LLC

  • Server

    99.99% uptime

    With our long-standing experience in providing distributed cloud services, we are able to deliver one of the highest uptimes in the industry: 99.99%.

  • Price tags

    One simple price

    With Aiven pricing, what you see is what you get. Our pricing includes all costs such as networking and storage.

Top two reasons to run Kafka Connect as its own service

You can scale Apache Kafka and Kafka Connect separately.

Your core workload will be more stable and performant.

Get started in 3 simple steps


Click the Kafka cluster you’d like to run the integration off of


Click Manage integrations from within the cluster’s overview screen


Click Use integration for Kafka Connect, follow the prompts, and that’s it!

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"We are very happy with our evolving relationship with Aiven. Kafka helps us build a flexible, extensible, and scalable architecture - and Aiven helps us operate Kafka."

Jon Dodkins | Head of Group Tech Operations

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