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Aiven provides a rich set of tools to help you operate your data infrastructure. Get started with the graphical Web Console, transfer to a command line interface (CLI) for efficiency, or automate operations with Terraform.

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A powerful graphical interface for creating and monitoring new projects and services - and managing their configurations and backups. It supports service scaling, the managing of integrated data pipelines, cloud and region migration, database forking and more.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

The go-to choice for efficiency and simple automation with scripts. Supports the same functionalities as the Console.

githubAiven’s CLI


Build, configure and manage Aiven services using the Terraform open-source software tool. Ideal for coordinating large, complex infrastructure and connecting pieces of your infrastructure in a reproducible, semi-automated way.

github Terraform Provider


All DevOps tools are built on top of an open, secure and powerful REST API that can be used for integrating with custom tooling. Access the API documentation and integrate Aiven services to your own processes in whatever way you like: Aiven API Docs.

There is also a vibrant community of Aiven customers providing different integrations as Open Source. As an example, take a look at:

github Aiven-rs

github Kafkarator

github Aiven Resource Provider

github Aiven Service Broker

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