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Aiven for ClickHouse® is a high-performance and scalable columnar database for online analytical processing. Snap it into your existing workflows with the click of a button, automate away the mundane tasks, and focus on building your analytics workloads.

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Common use cases for ClickHouse

  • Heavy lifting for analytics

    Get the best performance from your business infra by handling your analytics queries with ClickHouse. Easily aggregate data from all your data sources for a 360° analytics view.

  • Get online analytics on a massive scale

    ClickHouse analyzes huge amounts of IoT telemetry, metrics, logs, clickstream data and other data types, with no compromises on scale and performance.

  • Efficient long-term storage

    Store large data volumes for long time periods in a cost-effective way, for compliance requirements or other use cases.

Get a head start with extra credits for the ClickHouse beta

Try it out, provide your feedback and see how the service grows as we introduce new capabilities. You can use it for development work and testing of production-grade workloads, but not for full production yet. We’re offering extra credits for both new and existing customers, read more here.

Latest features:

  • Efficient compression

  • High performance

  • Extended SQL language, with a rich set of analytics functions

NOTE: You can use our free Basic level support with the beta service. Other support packages are currently not available and our SLA terms have been updated to reflect beta service limitations.

Aiven for ClickHouse Key Features

With efficient compression and industry leading performance, our ClickHouse as a service is ready to handle your online analytics requirements at scale.

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"Hosting ourselves would have been a pain so using Aiven we've saved time, capacity and manpower over that. The ease to set things up and not requiring a dedicated maintenance team were other advantages."

Alastair James | CTO and Co-founder

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