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The use cases for Aiven’s services range from the traditional to the high tech, but they all have one common thread: databases are not their core business but data is essential to their success. From small to large, traditional to technology driven, we are proud to help customers of all sizes and verticals accomplish their goals.

Customer quote

"Aiven really embodies customer success."

Kim Leung

Engineering Manager at Catalyst

Unique use cases, a common thread

A customer success story - Catalyst & Aiven

Catalyst, a NYC-based customer success company, were looking for a flexible solution to store customer data. They found a great fit with Aiven and discovered unexpected benefits.

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Building event-driven architecture with Aiven

JobCloud has the biggest job boards in Switzerland. Since they decided to implement an event-driven architecture, Aiven for Apache Kafka has been helping them leverage their old infrastructure and add elements with no downtime and sustained performance.

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Open source tools provide observability for Aiven

Observability is a key factor in Aiven’s success. Over the years, Aiven has built a solid observability solution on top of open source products. And the greatest thing about our solution is that our customers can also adopt it in their own systems by using the open source building blocks provided by Aiven.

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Aiven manages hundreds of database servers for Talon.One

Talon.One is a global company with ~100 corporate-size customers, running an easy-to-use and reliable promotions configuration service. This would not be possible without Aiven for PostgreSQL.

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Norauto’s developers spin up databases faster than ever with Aiven

Norauto is a successful retail entity focusing on car repairs, accessories and parts. It’s a brand name in the massive Mobivia company group, which operates in 19 countries around the world and employs over 22,000 people. Norauto runs many different digital services for their customers that depend on a wide variety of open source tools.

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Aiven supercharges streaming giant Vidio’s engineering teams

Vidio is Indonesia’s leading video streaming service, with more than 60 million monthly active users consuming 82 livestreams and over a million video-on-demand titles. The company offers a rich variety of content including local and international entertainment and live sports, video-on-demand services, and pay-TV channels. Due to their volume of content selection and watchers, Vidio is one of the top apps downloaded by Indonesians, the world’s 4th largest population.

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Alef Education logo

Alef reaches over 120,000 students with Aiven [Case Study]

Alef Education uses Kafka as the heart of their blended learning platform to deliver learning content and performance results to students and teachers. With help from Aiven they have scaled up their operations from 10 schools to over 400 and improved the Alef Platform’s reliability at the same time.

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Ometria logo

Ometria delivers customer insights faster and more reliably with Aiven

Ometria enables hundreds of retail businesses to utilise customer insights to drive personalised cross-channel marketing experiences. With Aiven’s help, they can provide a faster and more reliable service to their customers now and in the future while reducing their infrastructure costs.

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Spare builds city transportation systems with Aiven's help

Spare enables a number of municipalities around the world to provide on-demand transportation services for their citizens via a platform that gives access to a multitude of services, including public transportation and micromobility. Aiven for PostgreSQL supports them with minimal downtime and performance.

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NetSpyGlass partners with Aiven for simplicity and scale [Case Study]

NetSpyGlass is a cloud-native, network monitoring automation solution that can be easily tailored to fit network managers' unique requirements. Aiven helps them shorten their innovation cycle by enabling them to provision managed PostgreSQL and Apache Kafka services via Terraform.

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Paf logo

Aiven helps Paf stay ahead with Kafka [Case Study]

Paf, or Ålands Penningautomatförening, is a physical and online gambling operator in the Baltics. Find out how they use the Aiven platform to deploy and manage Apache Kafka for building loosely-coupled, flexible, transparent, and secure data pipelines that are compliant with local regulatory requirements and GDPR.

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Adeo logo

ADEO Group connects goods to services with Aiven [Case Study]

Adeo, the third-largest player in the home improvement market, aims to understand and predict their customers' behavior to better connect Adeo services to the goods they buy. Aiven's managed database platform provides a unified open source infrastructure to supercharge their development.

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OVO energy

Aiven helps OVO Energy power up their data with Apache Kafka

OVO Energy provides an energy experience that is fair, effortless, green and simple. Founded in 2009, the company has continuously helped members to cut their carbon emissions through top-of-the-line technology, smooth customer service operations and great digital products. Read how Aiven helps them to collect and process data to reach their goals.

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Aiven for Apache Kafka delivers low latency and scale for Xfinity Home

Xfinity Home aims to create a digital home for its customers, giving a single experience that connects and manages their home security and automation needs by integrating the best products and devices. Aiven for Apache Kafka delivers the performance, scalability, and durability requirements that ensure customer satisfaction.

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