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We continually improve the accessibility and usability of Aiven services. Recently we launched a new welcome tour feature--read on to discover what it’s about!

18 March 2021
Auri Poso
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Technical Copywriter at Aiven

Software and systems, especially open source ones, should be accessible and easy to get started with. That is the bottom line.

If you’ve signed up for a trial of Aiven services, you probably want to be more productive quickly. Because that’s what we’re here for: letting developers do their job, while we take care of the less dazzling aspects. You want to quickly evaluate whether Aiven is a good fit for you (it probably is), and start planning how to set up a full implementation if it’s needed.

In other words, you’re not here so you can explore every aspect of the Aiven Console for fun.

We have good news!

From this week onwards, starting to use Aiven services is even easier. We’ve added a new welcome tour feature to our console to help new users get the most out of their free demo credits.

The product tour makes it easier to figure out how to use Aiven’s services for maximum benefit in your particular use case. You also get tips, and links to further information to help you add data sources.

When you log in to the Aiven Console for the first time, you get guided through the initial setup process: creating a new service, configuring it, and inviting collaborators to your project. The logic is that in order to properly evaluate (and appreciate!) Aiven’s services, you should have a project up and services running. It’s hard for a service to be running, though, if you don’t know how to configure it!

So we wanted to point out to you the place where the action happens: the service overview.


This is where you put in place all the technical information that lets your service access your data. This can get a bit cryptic and deep if you’re not an expert, so if you flounder, remember the lifebelt: the Support link to our help articles at the top of the screen. Dive right in to understand how Aiven services can work for you.

And if you have any questions, Aiven engineers are there for you. We’re hiding just behind the Intercom button at the bottom of the screen!


Wrapping up

Aiven’s philosophy is that open source should be for everyone, not just the most senior developers and experts. We want to keep improving access to our services and making sure that everyone feels welcome.

We'll continue to invest in the usability of our tools and our documentation. Keep checking back to see what incremental improvements have been applied that make your life easier!

Not using Aiven services yet? Sign up now for your free trial at https://console.aiven.io/signup!

In the meantime, make sure you follow our changelog and blog RSS feeds or our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to stay up-to-date with product and feature-related news.

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