The Aiven Museum of Modern Monitoring Art, Part 2

Welcome to more exciting adventures in data land! Join us for another interpretive look at some action-packed monitoring graphs captured in Aiven systems.

03 August 2021

Tired of being cooped up in your home office, or your actual office, or both if that's how you roll? Let's take a break and go surfing on the waves of data...


But wait, is that a storm brewing?


The storm tosses us around, and wakes a pair of dinosaur-sized eels that chase us. Yikes!


We finally make landfall in Egypt. We're alive, but the ship is trashed. Tired and dizzy, we trudge across the dunes.


Finally, in the distance, Giza looms.


Picking up the pace we hurry that way, only to find our path blocked by Anubis!


Fearing the worst, we prostrate ourselves, but he simply hands us a bucket of water and points to the harbour. There's our ship, intact. It's a miracle! We thank the god of the underworld and hurry to the ship, which finally carries us back home.

And home's starting to look pretty good for a change.

Wrapping up

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