The Aiven Museum of Modern Monitoring Art

Who says monitoring can't be a beautiful thing? Check out this gallery of monitoring graphs depicting actual situations that took place in Aiven systems.

22 July 2021

When you monitor your systems 24/7/365, sometimes you find your graphs doing something... interesting.

For example, this is cool, although at the same time pretty normal: heavy load on a server. load-average

But sometimes, your graphs start... horsing around. m3-horse

It makes you want to build a fence so the data doesn't escape. fence

Or bury yourself in the pointillist sands of handler threads. handler-threads-burrow

But don't hang your head in despair. bowing-pilgrim

Instead, contemplate the beauty of a working metrics integration, and relish the tranquillity. tranquillity

Watch out for another guided tour of the Aiven Museum of Modern Monitoring Art, coming soon.

Wrapping up

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