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31 August 2021

Solving the knapsack problem in PostgreSQL

The knapsack problem: how to use limited luggage space to pack only and all the items you're most likely to need? Enter PostgreSQL! Come and find out how to use the world's best open source database to help you pack.

12 August 2021|By

Metrics and graphs with M3 and Grafana

15 June 2021|By

TIG Stack: Using Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana on Aiven

20 May 2021

Analysing Netflix shows with pgAdmin and PostgreSQL

Learn how to use pgAdmin with PostgreSQL by... watching movies? Find out more!

10 May 2021

Teach yourself Apache Kafka and Python with a Jupyter Notebook

Learn the basics of Apache Kafka Producers and Consumers by building an interactive notebook in Python.

30 March 2021

Your first Aiven API call

Aiven's API is totally wizard, with its nifty token authentication and JSON-formatted data, but you don't need magic to use it. Read on for tips on how you can put it to work in the real world.

25 March 2021

Using Kafka Connect JDBC Source: a PostgreSQL example

How to update an old app-to-database design to include Kafka? Find out how to use Kafka Connect to integrate to an existing system and use up-to-date tech tools without disrupting the original solution.

26 February 2021

Aiven for PostgreSQL for your Go application

Applications and databases go together like milk and cookies; on the menu today is a PostgreSQL-flavored cookie with a splash of refreshing Go milk. I've picked two of my favorite Go libraries as samples; read on to find out how to use them to connect to and work with your Aiven for PostgreSQL service.

17 February 2021

How to stand up multiregion PostgreSQL with Pulumi

To improve the performance of your PostgreSQL database, consider setting up a multiregion service that will allow you to isolate read-intensive workloads to replicas while keeping write workloads on the primary. To learn how, read this tutorial where Trevor Kennedy explains the process using Aiven and Pulumi.

10 February 2021

Create your own data stream for Apache Kafka with Python and Faker

How can you test an empty data pipeline? Well, you can't, really. Read on and let Aiven's Developer Advocate Francesco Tisiot walk you through creating pretend streaming data using Python and Faker.

16 December 2019

How to build a data pipeline with StreamSets and Aiven

It used to take months to design and build a data pipeline. Now you can do it in minutes with open source tools and Aiven managed services.

30 May 2019

Command line magic with the Aiven CLI

Got bash, grep, cat and wc and want the the simplest commands to select, run and administer your Aiven services? Learn how.

13 April 2018

Aiven PostgreSQL & TimescaleDB: A time series powerhouse

Find out how to take Aiven for PostgreSQL and turn it into the most advanced open source time series database with TimescaleDB in our latest post.

18 August 2016

Getting started with Aiven for Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is powerful, but complicated to run alone. Find out how Aiven for Apache Kafka makes it easy for Aiven users to set up and run Kafka instances here.

28 January 2016

Aiven for PostgreSQL tutorial

Our in-depth tutorial covers multiple aspects of setting up and running Aiven for PostgreSQL through out platform. Find out just how easy it is here.


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