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01 November 2021

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19 October 2021|By

Raising a unicorn worth $2 billion - another letter from our CEO

18 October 2021|By

IDC: Aiven's cloud data services bring 340% three year ROI [WHITEPAPER]

15 October 2021

How are your microservices talking?

Find out about the challenges of implementing a microservice architecture, in light of different communication types between microservices, and see how pub-sub message transmission can mitigate or even eliminate these challenges.

13 October 2021

Manage Apache Kafka Connect connectors with kcctl

kcctl is the newest tool on the block for managing Kafka Connect. Francesco tried it out to see how it fared in managing a service deck that includes Aiven for Apache Kafka Connect.

11 October 2021

Staying sane in open source

Being part of a community is not always easy. Find out what Aiven is doing to support the individuals who contribute to and maintain open source projects.

06 October 2021

5 reasons why you should be using MirrorMaker 2.0 for data replication

Replicating data in your Apache Kafka? Good idea! Read the top 5 reasons why.

27 September 2021

Announcing Aiven for OpenSearch

Aiven is happy to announce the newest arrival on the OpenSearch scene! Read more about Aiven for OpenSearch and how existing customers can upgrade from Elasticsearch without issues.

20 September 2021

Announcing Aiven for Apache Kafka cluster configuration backup

Is there a need for backing up your Apache Kafka cluster? Well, yes and no. Find out what we mean by that, and how our backups work.

16 September 2021

Aiven for PostgreSQL 13 performance on GCP, AWS and Azure [Benchmark]

Welcome to our latest benchmark figures for Aiven for PostgreSQL on AWS, GCP and MS Azure.

13 September 2021

Aiven launches Kubernetes Operator support for PostgreSQL and Apache Kafka

To make life easier for database admins and simplify DevOps, Aiven now offers a Kubernetes Operator for Aiven for PostgreSQL and Aiven for Apache Kafka services. Find out how you can use it to manage your whole service stack.

& Auri
31 August 2021

Solving the knapsack problem in PostgreSQL

The knapsack problem: how to use limited luggage space to pack only and all the items you're most likely to need? Enter PostgreSQL! Come and find out how to use the world's best open source database to help you pack.

23 August 2021

How cloud and open source technology help APAC businesses thrive

The cloud and open source can help APAC businesses, but it's not always easy to get started. Read what Rajesh Ajmera from Traveloka and Nitish Jha from Gojek have to say about harnessing the power of cloud and open-source technologies to meet business goals.

18 August 2021

Introduction to event-driven architecture

Goodbye request-response, roll out the red carpet for producers and consumers! Read our article on what event-driven architecture is and why it's a great alternative for building microservice applications.

12 August 2021

Metrics and graphs with M3 and Grafana

Monitoring and graphs go together like milk and coffee. Read on to find out how to use M3 to monitor your systems, and Grafana to make the results easier to understand.

09 August 2021

How retail and eCommerce can leverage open source cloud technology

In our latest webinar, Alex Timlin and Jan Hegewald explore the challenges facing retailers, looking at ways that open source cloud technologies can support eCommerce and help companies get started with digital transformation. Read on for the key points – or watch the full webinar.

04 August 2021

Get started with Apache Superset and PostgreSQL

Data visualization can condense huge amounts of raw points into images that can drive business decisions. Apache Superset is emerging as a reliable open source tool for the dataviz world. Read on to find out how to use it to create data visualizations from an existing PostgreSQL table within an Aiven environment.

03 August 2021

The Aiven Museum of Modern Monitoring Art, Part 2

Welcome to more exciting adventures in data land! Join us for another interpretive look at some action-packed monitoring graphs captured in Aiven systems.

22 July 2021

The Aiven Museum of Modern Monitoring Art

Who says monitoring can't be a beautiful thing? Check out this gallery of monitoring graphs depicting actual situations that took place in Aiven systems.

21 July 2021

A developer's first look at M3

One of the newest products on the Aiven platform is M3. As a distributed time series database it's ideal for storing the ever-growing number of data points that we collect in—and about—modern applications. Read developer advocate Lorna Mitchell's first impressions about M3, and how it could be useful for you.

15 July 2021

Time series or event data? Get less confused

What is time series data? Or in reverse, how can you be sure what kind of data you have? Read on to find out how to tell the difference between time series and event data.

13 July 2021

Redis and the secret of fluctuating reads

Some days are easy. Some days, your throughput falls and you blame poor Redis. Find out how a customer in trouble learned to love Aiven's new premium plan for Redis.

& Auri
05 July 2021

Bring Your Own Account to Aiven

You don’t have to marry your data cloud! Read on to find out how players in regulated industries and companies with good existing cloud provider deals can benefit from Aiven’s excellent service.

23 June 2021

The pursuit of happiness with Python and PostgreSQL

The world is seldom perfect, and the same goes for real-life data. Read on to find out how to clean up the data in your PostgreSQL database so that it's usable for analysis.

22 June 2021

Introducing Aiven for PostgreSQL change data capture

(Updated) How does PostgreSQL capture changes in data? Read this post for a look at the methods available.

& Francesco
& Auri
21 June 2021

Observe your PostgreSQL metrics with Terraform, InfluxDB and Grafana

Read the latest instalment of the Terraform adventures to find out how to plug PostgreSQL into Grafana and really see what the metrics are saying.

15 June 2021

TIG Stack: Using Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana on Aiven

Performance monitoring is an essential aspect of every project, in both the digital and traditional world. Read on to find out how to use the TIG stack (Telegraf, InfluxDB, Grafana) to visualise the health status of your laptop.

11 June 2021

PostgreSQL vs MySQL - the Aiven championships

Aiven offers both PostgreSQL and MySQL as managed services. While similar, they meet different needs. Read our new blog article to find out how to choose between them.

10 June 2021

Apache Kafka and the great database debate

Is Kafka a database? Can I throw out my Postgres and use Kafka instead? Is Kafka the new Swiss Army Knife of data? Find out what the debate is about.

03 June 2021

Aiven databases and Terraform for fun and profit

Terraforming is hard and long-term, but managing your databases with Terraform is the exact opposite. Read to find out how to manage your Aiven databases with this cool tool!

24 May 2021

An introduction to PostgreSQL

(Updated) Join us for a browse at the ins and outs of PostgreSQL, and find out how to get it as a managed service from Aiven.

& Auri
20 May 2021

Analysing Netflix shows with pgAdmin and PostgreSQL

Learn how to use pgAdmin with PostgreSQL by... watching movies? Find out more!

19 May 2021

M3 vs other time series databases

M3 is the shiny new thing in time series databases. In this post, we'll compare it to some more established players and highlight the differences. Read on to find out what each is best suited for!

12 May 2021

5 tips for choosing a DBaaS vendor

In managed cloud infra, David Esposito has seen it all from both sides of the table. Now he offers his best 5 tips for selecting a service provider. If you're thinking of moving to managed infrastructure in the cloud, watch or read his take on this now.

10 May 2021

Teach yourself Apache Kafka and Python with a Jupyter Notebook

Learn the basics of Apache Kafka Producers and Consumers by building an interactive notebook in Python.

01 May 2021

Quickly developing REST APIs with PostgREST

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01 May 2021

Why your boss should choose Aiven

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30 April 2021

5+1 reasons to extend your Prometheus with M3

Prometheus is a great open source monitoring and alerting application for collecting real-time metrics in a time series database. But not even Prometheus is perfect for every use case. In this article, we'll explore some ways that Prometheus struggles, and propose an extended solution. Dive in!

28 April 2021

Tips for designing payloads

Event-Driven systems are increasingly our future and that's one reason why so many developers are adding Apache Kafka to their tech stacks. In this post, Lorna Mitchell gives tips for designing payloads for your Kafka to achieve a solid data structure.

27 April 2021

Aiven supports Apache Kafka 2.8

Aiven is keeping up with the times and now supports the newly released Apache Kafka version 2.8, announced on April 19, 2021. Read on to find out what the new version means for you!

22 April 2021

Getting the most of multicloud

Your cloud strategy really should be based on using multiple cloud environments and regions. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits and challenges of a multicloud setup. Read on to find out if your life could be made easier!

16 April 2021

Aiven joins the OpenSearch community

Aiven will join the community forming around the new fork of OpenSearch and OpenSearch dashboards. Find out about the impact and implications here.

15 April 2021

CTO predictions – The future of open source, cloud growth and more

Our entire industry has seen exciting momentum already in Q1 of this year. Curious to know what you should keep on your radar in the months ahead?

07 April 2021

Data security compliance in the cloud

Aiven’s long list of security standard compliances is an advantage to our customers. Read more about why cloud service buyers and providers both benefit from clear data security compliance.

30 March 2021

Your first Aiven API call

Aiven's API is totally wizard, with its nifty token authentication and JSON-formatted data, but you don't need magic to use it. Read on for tips on how you can put it to work in the real world.

25 March 2021

Using Kafka Connect JDBC Source: a PostgreSQL example

How to update an old app-to-database design to include Kafka? Find out how to use Kafka Connect to integrate to an existing system and use up-to-date tech tools without disrupting the original solution.

23 March 2021

Building Aiven from zero to $800M - a letter from our CEO

Since 2017, Aiven has grown from zero to a global company with 140 employees and a valuation of over $800M. Join me in reliving some of that story and find out where we come from.

18 March 2021

Welcome to your Aiven demo

We continually improve the accessibility and usability of Aiven services. Recently we launched a new welcome tour feature--read on to discover what it’s about!

17 March 2021

Data and disaster recovery

We humans don’t like to think about disasters, but that doesn’t stop them from happening. Read to find out how you should prepare your data for the worst, even while hoping for the best.

& Chris
04 March 2021

Public v. private clouds - what’s the difference?

When is your public cloud actually private? Okay, that’s a trick question. All clouds are private, in that the data in them can’t be accessed publicly unless otherwise specified. Read on to understand the difference between public and private in cloud computing.

26 February 2021

Aiven for PostgreSQL for your Go application

Applications and databases go together like milk and cookies; on the menu today is a PostgreSQL-flavored cookie with a splash of refreshing Go milk. I've picked two of my favorite Go libraries as samples; read on to find out how to use them to connect to and work with your Aiven for PostgreSQL service.

24 February 2021

How to choose a time series database: 6+3 considerations

With the rise of IoT and the increasing need for real-time data, the offering and the demand for time series databases has been steadily increasing. Read our post to get an overview of some of the main issues to consider.

22 February 2021

Aiven for M3: The first managed open-source database

The new era of time series has arrived with the first managed open-source database of its kind, Aiven for M3. Find out everything you need to know to be a part of it.

17 February 2021

How to stand up multiregion PostgreSQL with Pulumi

To improve the performance of your PostgreSQL database, consider setting up a multiregion service that will allow you to isolate read-intensive workloads to replicas while keeping write workloads on the primary. To learn how, read this tutorial where Trevor Kennedy explains the process using Aiven and Pulumi.

17 February 2021

Discover exoplanets with PostgreSQL sample data

PostgreSQL is and remains one of our most popular and growing storage platforms. In this post, Lorna Mitchell populates an empty PostgreSQL database with cool data about exoplanets. Read to learn how!

16 February 2021

Aiven for PostgreSQL 13 is now available

PostgreSQL 13 makes life easier with improvements to indexing, sorting, and vacuuming. Read on to learn how it makes your datasets cleaner and queries faster.

10 February 2021

Create your own data stream for Apache Kafka with Python and Faker

How can you test an empty data pipeline? Well, you can't, really. Read on and let Aiven's Developer Advocate Francesco Tisiot walk you through creating pretend streaming data using Python and Faker.

10 February 2021

Broker communication in Apache Kafka 2.7 and beyond

Apache Kafka is moving away from ZooKeeper, slowly but surely. How does this impact broker communication in the latest version of Apache Kafka? How is Aiven preparing for the future? Read on to find out.

09 February 2021

Keeping Elasticsearch open

The community rallies to create, support and contribute to the open source fork of Elasticsearch. Aiven is part of the movement to keep open source software truly open.

01 February 2021

Kafka v. RabbitMQ - a comparison

Today's post is all about queues and how to choose a solution that fits your application's requirements. We'll go over the key design features of RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka and outline how they process queues differently. Read on, and we'll help you decide which is a better match for you!

26 January 2021

Building a modern data architecture

Corporate data architectures tend to have long shelf-lives, especially if their development began sometime around when the pre-internet Dark Ages were just ending. It's not surprising that these ancient edifices no longer support modern business goals. Read how to modernize your ancient data environment and set your business up for the future.

21 January 2021

Aiven supports Apache Kafka 2.7

Aiven for Apache Kafka moves to version 2.7. To find out what the key improvements in the new version are and how you can get in on the action, read on!

20 January 2021

How Aiven monitors your system performance

Aiven commits to 99.99% uptime. Every now and then we are asked how we make sure that your system actually stays up accordingly. Find out how we keep an eye on service uptime and how we react to issues.

04 January 2021

12 reasons you(r boss) should choose a public cloud service

In this article we’re going to take a look at what a managed service based on public cloud hosting does better than a private cloud or an in-house solution. If your company is in the enterprise “on-premises mode”, you might be missing out big time. And paying too much for the privilege! Read some of the top reasons your company should take the leap into the public cloud.

28 December 2020

Better cost management with billing groups

Projects at Aiven used to be set up individually and invoiced individually, but this is about to change. Read how organizations can now set up centralized invoicing that makes cost monitoring easy and payments simple.

17 December 2020

5 Benefits of a Kafka-centric microservice architecture

Microservices, rather than one monolithic setup, is the most flexible way to provide an online service today. In this post, we discuss why Apache Kafka is a good choice when microservices are on the line.

30 November 2020

Why you should <3 open source databases

Read why Aiven’s top people think the open source road is the path to success, especially for the data your business depends on.

25 November 2020

How to avoid high-load disasters in managed database services

Black Friday is THE peak load time of the year, the great holiday of the retail world. The combination of a short timeline and good deals overloads servers all over the world and makes it the classic case for peak load fault tolerance. Find out now what you can do if your services show signs of overload.

18 November 2020

An introduction to time series databases

In this post, we take a deep dive into time series databases. We'll look at what they are, why they're needed, and what makes them uniquely suited for their workload.

11 November 2020

Alef reaches over 120,000 students with Aiven [Case Study]

Read how Aiven for Apache Kafka enabled Alef Education to scale their blended learning platform from 10 schools to over 400, and improved the reliability of the platform at the same time.

04 November 2020

Redis 6 is here

Aiven now offers Redis 6 as a managed service. This post tells you what the key improvements are and how we are bringing it to you. Read on!

22 October 2020

Aiven services are now PCI-DSS compliant

PCI-DSS compliance opens the door to even the most regulated industries to provide services securely through Aiven. Find out what this means for your business.

14 October 2020

Aiven enhances happiness in the Himalayas [Customer Story]

In our first ever customer story, MyBhutan’s co-founder Matthew DeSantis shares with us how Aiven is contributing to the Kingdom of Bhutan’s development.

07 October 2020

Ometria delivers customer insights faster with Aiven [Case Study]

Find out why Ometria chooses Aiven for PostgreSQL over Amazon’s RDS to power their retail marketing platform.

01 October 2020

Aiven Terraform provider joins the Terraform registry with v2

We’re marking our Terraform two year anniversary with v2 of our provider and making it official with a registry listing. Read more about what all of this means.

10 September 2020

Intro to M3: A new era of time series data [Aiven Webinar]

Join us on October 8, 2020, at 6 pm CET / 12 pm EDT for our Cloud Chat on M3 and the future of time series, hosted by Jonas Lindström and Markus Stenberg.

09 September 2020

An introduction to M3

M3DB holds great promise for time series use cases. We lay out the reasons why in this deep dive into the open-source time series database.

26 August 2020

Near Real-Time ELT with Apache Kafka & Snowflake

Find out how Convoy built a modern ELT pipeline to reduce their latency from hours to under 5 minutes with Kafka and Snowflake in this guest post.

25 August 2020

Load testing your Apache Kafka cluster and consumer applications

David Esposito, our Solutions Architect, explores load testing in Kafka Office Hours, a recurring forum for Apache Kafka thoughtshare hosted by our partner

24 August 2020

The future of IoT: How Comcast is shaping IoT with Aiven [Webinar]

Join us on September 16, 2020, at 6 pm CET / 12 pm EDT for our webinar on the future of IoT, hosted by David Esposito and Comcast's Andrew Gerhold.

19 August 2020

Aiven supports Apache Kafka 2.6

Apache Kafka 2.6 is now available as a managed service on Aiven. Read this article to find out about the more significant improvements and how to upgrade your Kafka clusters with no downtime.

17 August 2020

Spare partners with Aiven to build city transportation systems

Find out why Spare, a global transportation systems provider, chose Aiven for PostgreSQL for their application database needs.

11 August 2020

3 considerations for building an enterprise IoT solution

Our partners at Sierra Wireless are the world's leading IoT solutions provider. With their help, we outline 3 considerations to cover in order to build a successful IoT solution.

05 August 2020

The top requirements for building performant real-time applications

Olivier de Garrigues from outlines a few things that engineering teams should consider when building and launching real-time apps — particularly in our world of fierce, fast innovation.

22 July 2020

AWS Transit Gateway now available for Aiven

Aiven customers can now connect their VPCs to AWS Transit Gateway. Find out what kinds of problem it solves and how to set it up in this post.

13 July 2020

Aiven now integrates with AWS CloudWatch and Google Cloud Logging

It is now possible to send the logs of your Aiven services to Amazon AWS CloudWatch and Google Cloud Logging for storing, viewing, and archiving outside the Aiven platform.

08 July 2020

Aiven launches Karapace for Kafka Schema and cluster management

Karapace is the only open-source, drop-in alternative to Schema Registry and Kafka REST. Available starting today, find out more about our latest open-source contribution in this post.